MOCA Projects

This grant integrates four projects involving three provinces (British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario). Our vision is to empower people with arthritis, bone and joint conditions to be active partners in accessing appropriate care, at the right time, by the right provider. MOCA will generate an evidence-based framework that can be used by policy makers, planners, and decision makers within the health care system to develop a comprehensive model of arthritis and musculoskeletal care that includes a toolkit for model implementation. This requires that the framework and toolkit developed be responsive to the needs of these people and that they consider the mix of available health human resource skills and contextual factors such as geographical constraints (i.e., urban, rural and remote).

Project 1: Understanding the Mismatch of the Need for Care, Utilization and Available Health Care Providers
Co-leaders: Aileen Davis, Elizabeth Badley, Cheryl Cott and Michel Landry

The goal of this project is to identify service gaps by developing indices of need for implementation of arthritis and musculoskeletal models of care based on documentation of: a) the prevalence of arthritis; b) distribution of health care service utilization and retention; and, c) potential drivers of these factors (e.g., aboriginal populations (where rates of arthritis are known to be higher), socio-economic status, health human resource availability (numbers and practice location)).

Project 2: Understanding the Current Delivery of Health Care for Arthritis, Bone and Joint Diseases
Co-leaders: Aileen Davis and Crystal MacKay

The goal of this project is to document and understand by comparing and contrasting the characteristics and perceived efficacy of current processes and programs of arthritis and musculoskeletal disease care, including those within the context of chronic disease management, to facilitate model selection for detailed study within our cases in Project 3.

Project 3: An In-depth Study of Models of Care for Arthritis, Bone and Joint Diseases
Co-leaders: Cheryl Cott and Michel Landry

Building on the findings of Projects 1 and 2, to understand the drivers, facilitators and barriers to implementation and sustainability of selected models through in-depth study across a range of selected models in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia.

Project 4: Developing a Framework for Care Delivery for People with Arthritis, Bone and Joint Diseases
Co-leaders:Aileen Davis, Elizabeth Badley and Linda Li

Integrating the findings of Projects 1 through 3, this project will develop a decision-making architecture that combines population characteristics (e.g., demographics, geography, etc.) with health human, health service and community resource data and other elements identified in the prior objectives to identify viable models of care for specific contexts (e.g., urban, rural and remote centres).

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